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High Precision Double Direction Thrust Ball Bearing manufacturers
Our Story Begins
Incorporated in 2007, KEGAN Bearings starts as an OEM bearings distributor and exporter.
By its credible reputation and professional technological strength, The firm growing up step by step
Our Value
Efforts to provide customers with reliable bearings, and constantly optimize the service system
Our hometown, Wafangdian, proudly to be the centre of Chinese bearing manufacturers, and especially NO FAKE bearings
Becky LiuDamon WongKrist Tang
Lily LiuLucy TsuScott ChuangVictor Chuang
Our Advantage
A. Strict quality control for bearing raw material
The quality of bearing steel raw material is the root to control the final quality of finished bearing. So we have a good and stable partnership with domestic well-known steel factories like ANSTEEL GROUP CORPORATION and DONGBEI SPECIAL STEEL GROUP CO., LTD. Our bearing raw material is provided by the two steel factories.
B. Advanced bearing process technology
1.Heat treatment technology
We have controlled atmosphere sealing multipurpose furnace line for Heat treatment quenching. It can satisfy product heat treatment quenching requirement and can also accomplish cold treatment process. Meanwhile, it has carburization and high-temperature tempering function. Controlled by computer, this furnace line could raise the hardness of bearing rings and rollers, improve organization structure evidently to extend bearing life.
2. Middle-temperature phosphating technology
By using middle-temperature phosphating technology, we could improve the anti-rust and anti-corrosion capability of bearing product, and achieve the self-lubricating effect. Comparing with high-temperature phosphating, the phosphate coating of middle-temperature phosphating product is more well-distributed, the outside surface is more beautiful. It could also cut the cost and contributes to environmental protection.
3. Improved technology for surface quality
By carburizing, vulcanizing and gradient special treatments to the surface of bearing rings, rollers and cages, the bearing surface hardness, tension and other capabilities can be improved, including abrasive resistance and lubricating property, to increase bearing life.
4. Advanced production equipment
We have advanced bearing NC machining equipment from China and overseas countries. With the equipment, we can make the dimensional accuracy, and geometric accuracy is more precise during bearing manufacturing procedure, so the quality is more stable.
C. Topping detection technology
1.Automatic measurement technology
2. Detection device
We have advanced Taylor roundness meter, contour-graph, various precision measuring devices for bearing dimensional accuracy and running accuracy. They can do high precision measuring to bearing dynamic properties and static performance to ensure bearing product quality.
D. Product Packing
The product packing is more artistic and practical, making sure it will not be affected by load and unload, transport conditions during transportation.
E. Huge stocks and clipper transport
We have many kinds of bearings in stock; large inventory could be delivered within five days after receiving the orders. Transport ways: ocean shipping or air transport.
F. Perfect after-sales service, we have a strong technical team and can meet clients’ demands primly.
Full range of bearings
We produce all kinds of bearings of inner diameter of 200-2000mm, for“one-stop shop ” service to our clients, we also dealing other sizes products which could be qualified by our strictly testing.
CNC lathe, CNC grinding machine, CNC super finishing machine
Testing equipment
optical length tester, hardness tester, finish instrument, ultrasonic flaw detector, metallographic
microscope, residual magnetic devices and a variety of geometrical gauges, micrometer, and marble platform
Quality System
Strict quality control system with all documents Traceable, and accessories from the best suppliers of steel, Using imported equipment for heat treatment, pay attention to every details in processing, and the product accuracy up to P5.
We has passed ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
Global Market
100% products exported to Europe, USA, Australian, Japan and Korea
Packing and shipping: to provide customers with personalized packaging, keep product safe from rust and the operatorHigh Precision Double Direction Thrust Ball Bearing manufacturers

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